Consultancy services for Arabic departments

Consultancy services for Arabic, Islamic and Social studies departments in private schools in the UAE and the region

Consultation visits serve as needs analysis. From our part, we visit the school, attend the classes, meet with the teachers, and observe planning sessions in an attempt to find out the needs of the school community and cater for it in terms of consultation in the school action plan. Besides, these visits work closely with teachers during their collaborative meeting sessions so that they are empowered to transfer our recommendations to other areas that might benefit school.

Consultation visits happen as following:

  • Observing planning session and classrooms
  • Meeting with teachers to discuss their practices
  • Reporting on observations, evaluating current practices, and recommending an action plan
  • Collaborating with teachers to enhance planning and use assessment to inform teaching and learning
  • Re-observing planning sessions and classrooms and providing teachers with constructive feedback
  • Creating a culture of mindfulness among the teachers so that the whole process goes on smoothly with an open-mind and heart.