Arabic Language Classes For Native & Non-Native Speakers

Arabic Language classes for Native and Non Native speakers face to face, online and with host

Language Teaching Program:

Language teaching program is one of the services we offer to people interested in learning the Arabic Language. You have your own room in an experienced teacher’s home with full-board accommodation (3 meals a day) and choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of one-to-one language lessons per week.

Another option for people settling in UAE only include the one-to-one teaching sessions with the same options mentioned above.

Besides, online courses of teaching Arabic language is also available as a service.

Language Teaching Program with Activities:

Improve your language skills while having fun by choosing activities in addition to your language lessons! Learn about the Culture of UAE (1 week full-board accommodation + 10 hours of language lessons + cultural activities) by visiting museums, landscapes, malls, and other famous places of cultural interest. Cultural activities usually take place with your language teacher but can take place with any member of the host family.

Destinations and Prices:

Region: United Arab Emirates.

Dubai airport / Sharjah airport / Abu Dhabi airport.

Transfers 1 way: $50.

NB: Limited availability in June, July & August. All our families are experienced professional teachers who work all day but will give the rest of their time to teaching and entertaining their student-visitors.

Standard Program:

1 week full-board accommodation + lessons for 1 student

Hours US$
10 Hours 1,200
15 Hours 1,300
20 Hours 1,400
25 Hours 1,600
30 Hours 1,800
Extra night full-board US$100


Arabic & Culture activities:

1 week full-board accommodation + private language lessons + activities (cinema, shopping, town walk, mini-golf, local visits etc. – depending on family location) decided between you and your teacher after you arrive. All costs included.

10 hours of language lessons + 5 hours of general activities = US$1,400

10 hours of language lessons + 10 hours of general activities = US$1,600

15 hours of language lessons + 5 hours of general activities = US$1,500

15 hours of language lessons + 10 hours of general activities = US$1,700

15 hours of language lessons + 15 hours of general activities = US$1,900