Millennium Zone for education is a private organization our aim is to promote Arabic Language inside and outside of school. We also organize educational camps for kids and adolescents.

Millennium Zone, is an established Consultancy and Training Company in the UAE.

Millennium Zone is exclusively dedicated to improving the written, taught, and assessed curricula of Arabic, Social Studies, and Islamic Education across the Middle East. Our ultimate purpose is to shift classroom practices from being traditional, structured, and teacher- centered practices to become more authentic and learner-centered where inquiry takes place to promote learning. With this end in mind, we will be working with school communities to enhance their current teaching methods and practices through professional development events and consultation visits. Our workshops are engaging hands-on events through which participants experience innovative teaching methods and strategies. Consultation visits also aim to assist teachers on the site and collaborate with them to develop quality teaching practices.

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These are the values we live and work by
The Mission

The mission of Professional Development and Consultation Services is to offer quality learning experiences and constructive feedback that empower staff members to maximize performance and achieve their full potential and allow the school to improve.

The Vision

We are looking forward to executing well-designed and responsive professional development events and consultation services to an engaged and inquiring staff community.

The Core Values

Our core values serve as the guidelines for our actions and define our roles in improving schools and empowering their staff members.

Communicate and Be the Bridge

Build connections among information, concepts, resources and members of the school community

Own It

Be responsible and accountable for the delivery of accurate information; deliver the best and promote responsibility and accountability of others

Take the Plunge

Create a spirit of adventure through the learning experiences we provide; generate enthusiasm, risk and reward throughout the learning process

Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons

Have integrity in our actions and the way in which we interact with the school community; promote integrity through our learning opportunities

Seek, Find, Experience and Grow

Achieve mastery in our work and design professional development events and services that allow others to succeed

Cater for the Needs

Respond to the needs of our campus community; validate the investment in school communities and its professional growth and development; promote a welcoming and diverse community that is rich with talent and experience .

Ibtihaje El Senne

Dr. Ibtihaje El Senne, Educational Consultant and International Trainer for the International Baccalaureate. She worked in Hariri Foundation schools in Lebanon. In 2011, She moved to the United Arab Emirates, where she worked as a teacher in several international schools, then director of the Arabic Language and Islamic department in IB schools. Currently, she works as Director of Arabic Language and Islamic Education department at Fortes Education (Regent and Sunmark International Schools)

She also works as a consultant and trainer to support and develop the subjects taught in Arabic in private schools in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, Morocco and Lebanon. She is also currently working as a certified trainer in the Emirates Association for Consultants and Trainers as well as in the British Board of Training Association.